L.A. Lifestyle

Introducing my album cover:


Just kidding! This girl cannot sing to save her life. But I have found an art that I actually am very passionate about…


Here are some of the amazing images from my session with Cesar Guzman Photography (@cesarguzmanphoto)! With makeup and hair by the wonderful Natalie Fernandez (@southbeachbeautybar).

HQ-NatalieP-AdidasGels-8588HQ-NatalieP-AdidasGels-8544Dress: Adidas (SIX:02) // Shoes: Adidas (SIX:02) // Earrings: Charlotte Russe

The theme of this particular photoshoot was “L.A. Girl–Free Heart”. The pieces were actually from a store called SIX:02, which supplies a bunch of the cutest, on-trend and name-brand athletic items.

This skateboard–while super cool–remained unridden. I do not possess the skills to successfully complete the task of balancing. Alas, the skateboard will always be a prop for me.


Peace out from this happy human bean! Stay tuned for more posts from my modeling adventures!

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