Sundance Cityscapes


Springtime possesses a beauty that is unmatched by any other … except for maybe the beauty of my cats.

Seriously, their blue eyes are to die for.

This session with Lexie Krug was an absolute dream. I am OBSESSED with how this springtime set turned out! Her photography skillz allowed for these images come out stunning. I am honestly blown away!

20180509-5Q7A4388-Edit20180509-5Q7A4474Top: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Aeropostale // Shoes: Payless // Earrings: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: Kendra Scott

We shot in Sundance Square in Fort Worth–I had never actually been there before, believe it or not. There was a plethora of beautiful spots to take pictures … and there were so. many. flowers. I was LIVING.



Now here’s a bit of context behind the occurrences of this day:

We shot on a Wednesday evening. That same morning I had slaved through my 8 AM IB history test, which wasn’t all that bad–until you take into consideration the events which took place a mere day before. On that Tuesday, I had taken my IB history AND English exams–while suffering through a tragic case of “I literally cannot see what I’m doing to save my life”. My younger sister had accidentally replaced my contact solution with a hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution. And of course I placed it right into my left eye :’-)

I was honestly a bit nervous to see how these images would turn out, because ya gurl had legitimately been blind only a day before. However, the whole session was an absolute success! You can’t even tell that my eyes had been put through a pain similar to death.


Okay, now here is where I’ll focus on the beauty that is this HAIRSTYLE. I felt like a glamorous Hollywood actress!

Porsha (Blend Beauty Bar) did an absolutely wonderful job on the hair. And as far as makeup goes, the talents of Melissa Tobias (Makeup by Mela) are unmatched by any other! I was simply in love with all of it. This whole team was so fun to work with–and not to mention incredibly talented!


Close-ups for the win!


Two words: Golden hour.

Just LOOK at the way the sun was hitting my hair–I am SHOOK. Absolutely astonishing shot.


And of course we had to end the session in the most magical of all places:

The parking garage.

But wasn’t it worth it? I think YES.


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