New Year, New Goals

Merry New Year and happy January! I am here with… another podcast?

Well, yes, I am definitely attempting to make this a weekly thing! I aim to plan, record, and post a podcast once or twice a week as time permits and as my busy schedule allows. But I also wanted to take this opportunity to share one of my favorite photoshoots of all time (which for some reason I have yet to post on here). Shoutout to the phenomenal Pablo Valles and my favorite glam team of Gloria Paz and Jami Marie! Still some of my favorite people whom I have ever worked with.

So I present to you all: a bunch of sparkly photos that are perfect for my attitude and approach towards the new year. 2019, I am so ready for you! #2019YeeYee

pablo valles 3

You can listen to me blab about my personal New Year’s goals and how to plan your own! Tune in below OR just click one of the following handy-dandy links. You can also search “Basically Blondie” on Spotify or iTunes–which is super cool, in my humble opinion. I feel so official.

pablo valles2

I utilized a template to plan my goals for this year. It is simple enough to say that you have a goal, but do you have a real plan that will assist you in reaching your milestones?

I wrote down all of my goals in a bullet journal to solidify that I was indeed going to commit to working towards them. I even use habit trackers to keep myself accountable.

Goal: *insert REALISTIC, ATTAINABLE goal here*
How: (HOW are you actually going to achieve this goal?)
Habit: (What healthy HABITS can you incorporate into your daily routine that will help you achieve your goal?

Remember that motivation is fleeting, but habits are repeated, consistent behaviors!

pablo valles1

You heard it here, folks: I proclaim 2019 to be the year of good health. By my definition, “good health” embodies and encompasses every aspect of mental, physical, internal, and spiritual health. In my podcast, I go over how I plan to achieve this end goal.

Start your new year off right. What are you going to do to make 2019 great?

Copy of Allie's Little Avenue-3

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