Welcome to Basically Blondie!


Who Am I?
My name is Natty, and I love photography. Well, actually, I love being in front of the camera… not necessarily behind it! I am a college student at Texas A&M University, and I absolutely adore fashion, modeling, and blogging, and more. I am beyond excited to be able to devote my time to pursuing these forms of creative expression.

Why Basically Blondie?
Fun fact: I once tried to start a YouTube channel. But lemme tell ya–boy, is that difficult! Although bribing my ten-year-old sister with candy to film my videos may not have been the most successful plan of action, I realized that I could still produce the same content through a different medium. That platform was blogging! I absolutely love to write and have been passionate about that creative front throughout the span of my life.

And as far as the name of this blog goes: everyone claims that my hair is blonde, and I can be an airhead at times. So I guess you could say that I am basically a blondie 😉

Tell Me More!
I have always placed my heart and soul into everything of my involvement–from academics, to extracurriculars, to community service. I love to create things–from DIYs to gifts for my friends–so here I am, creating blog posts about my life!

This blog will feature the things that I love most, including (but of course not limited to): health, #ootds, photoshoots, and pumpkin spice. I hope that you enjoy this little corner of the Interweb that you have stumbled upon; it will be filled with fashion, inspiration, food, and my personality.

As a recent Valedictorian, honor graduate, and IB Diploma recipient of my high school, I am beyond excited to continue the next chapter of my life at Texas A&M University. I am extremely passionate about giving back to my community through servant leadership and endeavor to utilize my passions of modeling and blogging as vehicles to influence change in the world.

Want to get in touch with me? Shoot me an email at natalieparks1227@gmail.com!

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