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So I did another thing.

At one point I did attempt to launch a YouTube channel, which is exactly how this blog came to fruition. I figured that since YouTubing actually proved to be quite difficult, then I could produce the same (or similar) content through a different medium–a blog. However, after being forced to learn how to make videos in a recent college communications class, I figured that I would give the whole YouTube thing another try. I love YouTube and the ability that it gives you to express yourself. It is such a creative and fun platform.

I guess I just like to keep myself busy! Now I can officially be THAT person who tells everyone to “like, comment, and subscribe to my channel!” Speaking of, you should totally do that by checking out the link below:

Basically Blondie YouTube Channel 


What kind of content can we expect to see?

I’m glad that you asked. Because this channel will be an extension of this blog,, then I plan to feature the things that I love most, including (but most definitely not limited to): health, college life, #ootds, all things fashion & style, and–of course–pumpkin spice. I hope that you enjoy my other little corner of the Interweb; it will be filled with fashion, inspiration, food, and my personality.

See you there!

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